STOPit Premium Resources – SEL and RML Content

STOPit Premium Resources – SEL and RML Content

STOPit’s Premium Resources offer Social and Emotional Learning and Risk Mitigation resources directly from within STOPit Admin. Both resources contain professionally curated content to assist administrators when diagnosing and managing issues, and relevant articles can be shared with students if desired.

Content is drawn from a vast library of expert-developed literature and incorporate nationally recognized best practices as well as multimedia and interactive elements for maximum engagement and retention.

Over 1,000 articles addressing dozens of issue categories helping administrators

STOPit Premium Resources

“The range of concerning issues kids face today is astronomical. No person can know all of it. STOPit Premium Resources give both staff and students access to accurate and timely information right through the STOPit app. This content library has increased our confidence that we can properly respond to and assist our students.”



SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Content:
Timely information on popular SEL topics for both administrators and students. Topics include: Bullying and Harassment, Conduct, Diversity, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Cyberbullying and Social Media, and more.


RML (Risk Management Library) Content:
Content for administrators to stay current on risk mitigation topics. Topics include: Harassment, Leadership, Compliance, Organizational Culture, and more.


STOPit App Integration:
Provide mobile-friendly links to relevant content delivered directly to students through STOPit Messenger.


Frequent Updates:
STOPit Premium Resources are constantly updated with the latest relevant content, with new articles added monthly.