STOPit Admin – Incident Management for your Organization

STOPit Admin – Incident Management for your Organization

STOPit Admin gives administrators powerful investigative tools – such as real-time alerts, built-in reports, and the ability to communicate directly with incident submitters – so that you can resolve issues quickly.

Proactive communication helps you engage and get the information you need to keep your organization safe and secure.

STOPit Admin is a powerful tool for managing incidents, and providing a documentation trail on all actions taken.

Over 3,000 Organizations,
Average time to address an incident is less than 5 minutes!

Incident Management for your Organization

"Instead of us being reactive all the time and saying we’re waiting for a problem to arise, now we’re spending our time on the front end mitigating those problems."

STOPit Admin Features


Alerts and Routing:
Based on incident types, content, and other defining elements, get alerted address issues.


Respond to tip providers on STOPit App or Web and collect additional details through STOPit MessengerTM dialogue. Also work internally with other Administrators through internal Notes function.


Broadcast Notifications:
Reach out to your community of users and broadcast messages to keep them engaged and informed. Use mass notifications to solicit help and tips, and include media and videos to engage the users


Actions are automatically captured in an Audit log to give you a documented account of your actions.