STOPit TLRS – Tip Line and Rewards Service

STOPit TLRS – Tip Line and Rewards Service

STOPit TLRS is a 24 hour per day, 365 days per year call tip line service. Staffed with a 3 shift operation with operators fluent in multiple languages, STOPit TLRS is your team of live operators for tip calls. The integrated Rewards Service allows you to offer rewards for tips about specific incidents so you can quickly get the information you need to address an incident you are concerned about, and we take care of the rewards process for your tipster.

Operators take calls and in the event of an urgent issue will contact emergency contacts and/or emergency services for you. Call reports are sent to your administrators so they know what is being reported, and you have the option to use the rewards service when necessary to get more tips.

STOPit TLRS takes care of tip calls, emergency processes, and even delivering rewards to helpful tipsters.

Over 1.2 million reports managed to date.

STOPit TLRS in Action

“If Law Enforcement needs to be involved we know that the STOPit team will help make it happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week“

STOPit TLRS Features

Integration with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services:
Emergency incident reports submitted from anyone in your organization are reviewed by the IMS Agents, and your key administrators are contacted. Appropriate emergency services are also contacted and advised of the situation for appropriate action. 24 hours per day, we have your back.

Tip Line Call Center:
STOPit IMS can be extended to also include the Tip Line and Rewards service being used by millions of people around the world; the Agents can not only address digital messages, but the service can be extended to live calls as well.

24 / 7 / 365 Operation:
The App can have your background, your logo, your report forms, your phone numbers, and your helpful resources. Giving people a simple navigation to the information they need is simple, fast, and powerful.


Your Workflow:
Emergency procedure process completely configured to meet your specific needs.