STOPit Professional Services – To Meet Your Specific Needs

STOPit Professional Services – To Meet Your Specific Needs

STOPit professional trainers, presenters, and consultants provide services to assist your account both technically and with engagement services.

From discovery and launch services through real-time alerts and notifications, to powerful investigative tools and powerful assemblies, STOPit has you covered. Work with STOPit Services to make your program a success.

STOPit Professional Services

“As a veteran educator and administrator, I have watched 100's of assemblies and your message was one of the best I have heard throughout my career.”
– Wally Leipart,

Professional Features


Having a hard time getting management educated on why, what, who, and how? STOPit Workshops are designed to bring everyone up to speed quickly, and assist you in organizational coordination around the program.hours per day, we have your back.

Age and Organization appropriate Assemblies designed to help you generate awareness about your program and the effectiveness of the STOPit approach. A menu of Assemblies is available to choose from – or let us know what you want and we can customize our content to meet you needs.


Account set up, alerts and notifications, and normal standard use of the product. STOPit provides weekly training slots via training webinars, as well as on site training services as needed.

Your Workflow:
Emergency procedure process completely configured to meet your specific needs.