STOPit App: Mobile and Web App for Reporting Incidents

STOPit App: Mobile and Web App for Reporting Incidents

Simple, fast, and powerful reporting protected with the ability to be anonymous, as well as the ability to provide details and specifics based on what your organization needs. The Mobile App and Web App is available on all modern platforms and all formats include STOPit Messenger, the proprietary solution for real time 2-way communication with administrators.

STOPit App provides individuals an efficient way to report incidents, access “Get Help” resources based on needs, and even receive helpful and informative notifications from administrators.

Over 2.5 million people activated.
Over 1,000 conversations a week with administrators around the world.

STOPit App in Action

“We were up and running in about 10 minutes. I didn’t realize it would be so easy and quick. They can get on their phone, send a message and they’re done.”

STOPit App Features


Simple and Instant:
Individuals immediately know what to do and how to use the App. Submit incidents, attach files, follow up afterwards, use the phone, and access help resources – instantly.


Personalized Experience:
The App can have your background, your logo, your report forms, your phone numbers, and your helpful resources. Giving people a simple navigation to the information they need is simple, fast, and powerful.


2-Way Messenger:
2 way communication in a user experience that “feels like texting”. Encrypted, anonymous, and mobile meets the needs of todays modern people on the go..

Help Resources:
Emergency procedure process No limit to content, helpful links, content, and other access lines